danceABILITIES danceWELL for Mental Health * On-line Programs

“danceABILITIES danceWELL for Mental Health” provides positive, accessible-dance workshops with a focus on enlivening movement and expression, affect regulation (nervous-system or mood stabilizing tools), witnessing, validation and inclusivity; through the use of music and collective movement, workshop attendees are encouraged to come into the dynamic “present moment experience” in order to restore, refresh and enhance the experience of the calm, creative, courageous self. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, individuals and departments may wish to book danceABILITIES danceWELL workshops to have great fun… but to also help front-line workers or staff, managers, directors and executives cope with burn out and overwhelm, stress, mourning/grief clusters, traumatic re-enactments and somatic hijacking or flooding such as that experienced in fight, freeze, flight, submit responses.

Please select a combination of categories for your group or share your needs/ideas. Workshops are offered as 20 or 45-minute programs or 1/2 day workshops involving (3) 45-minute segments. “danceABILITIES danceWELL for Mental Health” uses Zoom or other on-line applications for sound/video access. Each individual or small group requires access to a computer/speakers.

  • On-line dance/music
  • Facilitated, accessible dance program and/or collective choreography (related to relevant/responsive themes)
  • Seated dance, using chairs, props, mobility aids
  • Postures, poses and gestures for affect regulation (sensorimotor work)
  • Meditation basics, breath work (one’s own experience, culturally-sensitive and informed approaches)
  • Psycho-education related to the nervous system under duress; understanding one’s own signs and symptoms of hyper-arousal (heated anger/energy, vibrating, “spinning out” in body or thought/rumination) or hypo-arousal (shut down)
  • Drawing from your own embodied resources – self, partner and group work (int’l dance/sensorimotor work)
  • Please direct me if your small group would like further therapeutic processing related to experiences, situations and current events. If not, please note that my RP training can facilitate or support participants (or assist for referral) if a front-line worker feels triggered. See

  • Other ideas