danceABILITIES™ is an accessible-dance program in Toronto, Canada.  Classes and workshops aim to support health and wellness, creative expression, intellectual curiosity and collective fun.  Set to popular and diverse music,  dancers and non-dancers alike, engage in enlivened artistry and authenticity of self through the medium of dance. danceABILITIES programs are “person-first-focused,” however, to assist locations with booking information, diagnostic-related wording is used.    Check out an introductory video, here:  introduction video!

“Miriam Schacter is remarkably talented. She has the ability to help people living with dementia recall pleasant experiences and past accomplishments through music and dance. And, she takes the time to empower the person living with dementia by drawing from a wealth of socially engaging dance-based communication techniques and joyful repetitive movements.”

Phylicia Lafrenere, MSW, Greenview Lodge Dementia Care Programming

“The composition and intuitive thought placed on the danceABILITIES programming by Miriam Schacter is simply powerful. I’m honoured to have observed this beautiful work, and the clear impact it makes on it’s participants.”

Nicole Hamilton, Inica Dance Industries